Quick Start Guide

Hello and welcome to Mature Band, two words that don’t normally go together eh!

You are in the right place to get started. If you have used any other social media platforms before you will find this website very familiar. Even if you are new to social media you will find Mature Band very intuitive and easy to use and get up to speed in no time in 2 simple steps described below.

If you find yourself struggling which is unlikely, please reach out to us or take a look at the FAQ page or even better, ask a young person, they would love to help I’m sure.

After you have registered and logged in, spend a few minutes getting familiar with the website (you can’t break anything). It’s not a bad idea to read through the FAQ page if you get ten minutes, everything you need to know is in there. 

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is join a Group or Groups. This is the fun bit where you can start posting and messaging other members. A Group is your location. For example, if you live in Essex and want to meet other mature musicians in Essex then simply join the Essex Group. Similarly, if you live in Suffolk join the Suffolk Group. If you live on the border join them both.

There is a Group for every County in England and Northern Ireland. Wales and Scotland are split into North, South, East and West.  

The easiest way to join a Group is to click the ‘All Groups’ link in the menu then search for your Group (Location) in the search box. When you have found your Group just click the plus button to join and that’s it.

Step 2

Once you are a member of your chosen Group/s you can then post whatever you want. All posts and comments should be polite, free from inappropriate language, personal attack, political comment and remain on topic. Be mindful of our Terms & Conditions – Mature Band

Just type your message/requirements etc in the top box where it says ‘What’s new in (your location)’

If you are not actively looking for bandmates currently that’s fine, just say hello to the Group anyway. You never know as more and more people join you may meet some new friends with like-minded interests anyway. 

Any Groups you join can then be accessed directly from the ‘My Groups’ link in the menu. Remember to check back regularly to see what’s going on. Please see our FAQ page for more info regarding messaging other members and answers to everything you need to know about using Mature Band, it really is very easy. If you are not sure about anything please contact us.

Also please consider subscribing to our Newsletter for all the latest at Mature Band.

Good luck and let me know of any success stories.


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