Neil’s Gig Diary Part 2

Another selection from my gig diary. I thought it might be fun to share some of it. I’m sure a lot of this will be very familiar to you.

“Great pub, great crowd and brilliant gig. Best one by a long way so far. Lots of cheering, shouting and applause etc. Landlord said we were ‘Bloody Brilliant’ and paid us double what we were expecting. I wondered if he had hit his head whilst dancing as that isn’t normal behaviour for a landlord. Plenty of people admiring my guitars and gear (just don’t touch!)”

“Best gig by far, 150 people dancing from the first song to the end. It’s a charity function with lots of special needs kids and adults who have a fab time. I gave my pick to someone at the end who showed great interest in the band, he was happy”

“First gig for the army, not as wild as I expected as we were one of a few attractions on the night but still good fun”.

“John Fowler Holiday Park audition for possible summer season. All the way to Ilfracombe Devon for 3 songs (ten minutes), well received. We followed an Annie Lennox tribute , she was good”.

“Private 18th Birthday Party in a cellar bar. Great reception and well recieved. Some lairy girl got on the stage and knocked over my spare guitar #furious”

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“This one was painful. About ten people in all night but bizzarly they asked us to play New Year’s Eve-we didn’t commit to that (might get a better offer). I played rubbish-capo on wrong fret for Coldplay’s Yellow and my Shakin’ All Over was literally all over the place”

“This was on one of the hottest days in about 1000 years, absolutely boiling. Got there at 3pm for a 5pm start but waited around in the heat until 6.30pm. Roasted alive by then however a good gig and lots of comments such as ‘kin awesome mate’.

“Not a gig but worthy of note. Went to the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A museum London today. Absolutely awesome”

“65th Birthday Party. Huge crowd but spoilt by a raffle with 85 prizes! Downhill after that”

“Tiny pub but great gig and well received. Will go back in the new year. Miserable landlady though”

“Rubbish, no one in. It’s meant to be a Christmas party. Not going back there for a while”

“Rubbish, no one in, more in the band than the pub. After Christmas blues I guess and appalling weather”

“Best gig ever. A change of landlord and no more live music meant that we had the privilege of being the last band to play there. Double edge sword really, shame they stopped live music. Huge crowd, didn’t start till 10.30pm. Charmaine got up and sang on Mercy with us, Epic!”

“More in the band than the pub, rubbish”

Mature Band
That’s me in the corner, in the spot..

“Great gig and booked us for New Year’s Eve, £900 result!”

“Great gig and great feedback but the landlord won’t have us back as it ‘wasn’t his sort of thing!”

“Pub was empty, rubbish, now closed”

“Didn’t play a note, pub was empty. Sent home with petrol money. Starting to lose heart now, it’s not going very well”

“My best gig so far, brilliant! On carnival day so a good crowd. Fireworks at 10pm and dancing till 11.30. Someone got up and sang two songs with us-good. Guy with dreadlocks got up at the end and sang some reggae to his backing tracks. Great night”

“Great gig after sitting through nine other acts. We eventually headlined at 10.30. We followed a boring jazz band who seemed to go on forever. That’s jazz I suppose, four old boys all playing a different tune. No one wants jazz at a party! We went on to tear the place up”

“Good gig, didn’t want us to stop. Leave em wanting more I say”

“Played well and sounded great but no one there to hear us! Singing with a sore throat. £50 so a paid practice again. A restructured first set which worked well”

“OK but not great, mum and dad came to this one. They were staying with me at the new house. Mum was up dancing to Teenage Kicks, I’ll never forget that.

“Rubbish no one interested”

“Great gig but complete twat running it. Complaining too loud on the sound check ‘sensible levels boys, sensible levels’. Apparently the bass was too loud also. Moaned that our lights were too bright and the first set wasn’t long enough. What an arse. However a young girl dancing with her boobs almost out cheered the boys up. Just one more chorus of Johnny B Goode and I’m sure we would have had an eyeful”

To be continued…..

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2 thoughts on “Neil’s Gig Diary Part 2

  • Kelvin Stone

    Hi Neil. Great to read through your diary and brought back many memories of my time playing Bass in the Silver Jets. ………….Oh, and I did NOT know that our first gig was your first playing in a band.

    • Admin

      Hi Kelvin..haha, yes prior to that I was always playing keyboards. Good times and great memories. All the best Neil

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