Neil’s Gig Diary Part 1

I kept a gig diary for a few years, I thought it might be fun to share some of it. I’m sure a lot of this will be very familiar to you.

“The Silver Jets first gig, friends and family make up the audience. Surprisingly not nervous. I started to learn guitar after playing keys for years. Spent 15 years in a bedroom learning all sorts including 50s, Shads, surf etc. I love twangy guitars!

Found the other guys on a musician finder website. I went through a few people before finding the right mix, that’s the hardest part. Jack on drums for a year before Dave replaces him. Dave is from Manchester. I’m nearly fluent now, spur snure means spare snare.

Clive on vocals and Kelvin on bass. Why do all bass players wear hats? Paul was on keys but left, apparently we were ‘too loud’, how can you be too loud?

Anyway gig went well, very proud of the band and well received. Some good feedback with some minor changes with the setlist agr

Mature Band
Me on the left, the crowd go wild!


“Second gig is an outside one, we are on the back of a lorry in the middle of a field. Reminds me of Elvis when he played his first gigs in black and white at the Mississippi-Alabama State Fair only our audience was about 20 people and a donkey in the rain. Rock and Roll eh!

Got a great reception and an invite to play again next year so we must be doing something right. Always fine tuning the setlist and trialing new songs.

Dave did a drum workshop for the kids which they enjoyed, not sure he did-people smashing the hell out of his kit”

Mature Band

“Our first gig in a pub, clashes with the Olympic opening ceremony so wasn’t sure what to expect. A hot night so most people outside for the first set. When the second set is under way and it’s dark outside they are having a great time.

The second set was awesome, we ended up playing some of the first set again. Still haven’t been paid for a gig yet though”

“Back at the Horse & Groom again-essentially a repeat of our last performance except for the £160 we got this time. £40 each, does that make me a professional musician? Again very quiet, doesn’t anyone go to pubs anymore? Got a few of them dancing which is always a great feeling”

Mature Band
The mighty Silver Jets.

“It would appear that we are rapidly becoming the ‘house band’, word must be spreading that we are the go to party band. Once again the first set is quiet, maybe we need to start playing later than 9pm? The later it gets the drunker people are (strange society) the better the atmosphere. Maybe we just sound better when everyone is drunk. Second set is wild, at one point we were ripping into Johnny B Goode and a middle aged woman (mutton/lamb) was pole dancing around an oak beam in front of the band whilst the pub’s Great Dane stood next to her. Not something you see very often. I couldn’t decide which one was the biggest dog. Again well received and invited back”

“About ten people in the pub for a fancy dress Halloween party. We play alright and put on a good show. Get paid but not going back, it’s miserable playing to thin air. The highlight for me was a guy dressed as Shrek dancing to I’m A Believer. Brilliant”

“A woman asked Clive if he could sing Happy Birthday to someone. He replied, I can’t sing anything love, you’ve heard me”

“A return visit by popular request to this charity event. Once again on the back of a lorry. Great gig and well received. As it was summer solstice they had built a paper mache Stonehenge in front of the stage, reminded me of Spinal Tap, very funny”

To be continued…..

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