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The best place to start is by reading our Quick Start Guide.

You can join as many Groups as you like. Say for example you live on the border of two or more counties, you may want to post in several different Groups.

The easiest way to join a Group after you have become a member is to click ‘All Groups’ in the menu then search for your Group (Location) in the search box. You can also sort all the Groups alphabetically to find yours if that’s easier. When you have found your Group just click the plus button to join and that’s it.

If you go to the ‘My Groups’ link in the menu and click that it will show any Groups that you are a member of. Click on a Group and there you will see a ‘Members’ link. Click that and it will show you everyone in your Group. You can click on a Profile of interest and that will tell you more about them. You can also invite them to be your ‘friend’ or direct message them if you want to make contact.

No that isn’t possible.

**note it’s completely free for anyone joining before 01/09/2023 which will help us with our Beta testing and get things up and running. Any new members joining after that will pay the £7.99 ‘Access All Areas’ membership fee described below**

You will need to join a Group before you can post any Wanted or Available messages or indeed anything else. Once you have paid your £7.99 Mature Band membership fee and joined a Group/s, simply open the Group firstly by clicking the ‘All Groups’ menu link and then ‘My Groups’. Then click on the Group and post your message. 

You can also find the Groups you have joined in your Profile.

Here is a brief summary of what would make the perfect first post: 

  1. What you are searching/looking for
  2. Your location
  3. If you are willing to travel
  4. Are you in it for the money or the beer
  5. How often you can/want to rehearse
  6. How often you want/do gig
  7. Your influences
  8. A setlist or song suggestions
  9. Do you want to play covers or originals
  10. If you have rehearsal space
  11. It’s best not to include phone numbers, leave that for private messages

Absolutely, simply paste the link into your post.

No, this is currently disabled to save space on our server. However you can include links to external resources e.g. YouTube, Dropbox, SoundCloud etc. 

No absolutely not. Mature Band is all about connecting with other mature musicians for whatever reason and it could be anything. If you are struggling to find practice space near where you live then ask your Group if they know somewhere. If you need a piano teacher for your son/daughter then ask your Group for recommendations. If you want to know the best delay pedal to sound like Hank Marvin then just ask (good luck with that one, I’ve been trying for years)

Mature Band has moved away from the traditional wanted/available style advertising, this website is a full social media experience and can be used for connecting with other musicians for whatever reason.

This is a link to a page that displays all members of Mature Band. This page is unlocked with full membership. You can search this page for example if you want to find all members that live in Cornwall, just type Cornwall in the search bar and enter. This filters all members in Cornwall. You can do this for any location.

If you see a post of interest in a Group then click on the member’s name. This will take you to their profile where you can send them a message. Click on the icon underneath their profile image and then type your message in the form. 

You will know you have received a message by a red dot on the envelope icon in the menu.

Please check your SPAM or JUNK folder, they are almost certainly in there. You can add our emails to your safe sender list if this happens to you. Some email provider SPAM filters are overly sensitive meaning that emails that originate from Mature Band can sometimes get mistaken and filtered away from your inbox.

This has only happened once to my knowledge so is a rare event. However if you have any kind of parental wifi controls on your internet it could be that the word ‘mature’ is getting blocked. To resolve this you can add our website to the approved/safe list in your chosen application. 

There are two methods to contact us. Either via the Contact form which you can reach via the menu or email directly to

Think of your Profile as your mixing desk where you can manage/control your account.

Firstly it’s a summary of all your activity on the website. It shows the Groups you belong to, any Friends that you may have. It shows any messages or notifications that you may receive and much much more detailed below.

All new accounts on this website have the Mature Band logo as a default Profile avatar which you can change at any time. Go to your Profile and you will see an option to change the image. Or easier still just click on your Profile image in your Profile and do it that way.  It doesn’t have to be a picture of you, you could use a favourite album cover for example or a musician that you admire. It’s your opportunity to get creative and customise your profile.

All new accounts on this website have a default Profile cover image which you can change at any time. Go to your Profile and you will see an option to change your cover image. Or easier still just click on the pencil in your cover image to change it. Ideally your image should be 1850 x 348 pixels in size (or larger). It’s your opportunity to get creative and customise your profile.

Click My Profile in the menu then click the Profile tab. You will see the Edit option next to the Change Profile Photo option.

To change the privacy settings of your Profile go to your Profile then click Edit then click the settings cog. Here you can change the privacy settings for each Profile field. You can choose from the following four options for each field except your name which can’t be changed. These were originally set when you registered.

  1. Everyone
  2. Only Me
  3. All Members
  4. My Friends

Go to your Profile and click the settings cog, there you can change your password. If for whatever reason you get in a muddle you can always send us a message and in return we will send you a link to reset it.

You can reset your password from the login screen. 

This is a timeline or ‘social wall’ of all your activity on this website, including content you have posted and comments you have made etc. 

This details any Friends you have made on the website. It’s a quick way to find people you have made contact with. Also you can quickly access your Friends by clicking on the smiley face in the menu.

This details any invitations you have sent or received from other members of the website to join Groups.

That’s a shortcut to access your Friends.

It’s actually a small group of people and is quick access to the Groups you belong to.

This is a shortcut to any Notifications you receive e.g. comments etc. New unread notifications show with a small dot on the bell icon.

This is a shortcut to any Messages you receive from other members of Mature Band. New unread Messages show with a small dot on the bell icon.

Click the three dots on any post and then click Favourite. You can then view all your favourites in your Profile/Activity/Favourites.

This is taken very seriously. All posts and comments should be polite, free from inappropriate language, personal attack, political comment and remain on topic. If not they will be deleted. You can report Spam, Duplicate Posts, Offensive Posts and Fake Posts via the Contact form or email directly at 

Play nice guys! 

Absolutely, just take a look at your browser’s search bar, notice the padlock, that’s the industry standard for a secure website. The techie bit, ‘SSL’ is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures all data passed between the web server and browser remains private and secure.

You can request a summary of all your personal data generated when using Mature Band website by going to your Profile, then click the settings cog and you will then see a tab titled Export Data. This generates a request to the website admin who will then carry out the request and email you a link so you can download the information you need.

Go to your Profile then Settings and then click Delete Account.

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